Recluse Theater

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Recluse Theater produces innovative, live entertainment by bringing solo performers together.

What we do.

Led by Artistic Director Maryann Aita, Recluse Theater curates themed readings, storytelling showcases, one-person plays, solo musical acts, comedy shows, and variety hours featuring hard-to-categorize entertainment.

 We create engaging theater by collecting individual performers--who might never share a stage otherwise--and building a single, cohesive show. By pairing literary readings with jugglers and musicians, for example, Recluse develops performances with texture.

Our goal is to keep audiences excited the entire show while highlighting those spectacular performers who aren’t seen as traditional headliners.

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Perform with us.

Most Recluse shows feature 3 to 5 individuals performing for 10 to 20 minutes each.  Shows are typically based on content theme or type of performance.

We are always open for proposals from solo performers in any genre or medium.

We like variety. We like weird. We like uncategorizable. We like emotional. We are especially interested in performers sharing personal experiences, whether embarrassing, poignant, tragic, sentimental, or in any way moving. Introverted and otherwise reticent performers are always encouraged to apply (we provide coaching!).

Recluse Ventures is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all performers, regardless of background, including sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, military status, disability status, or national origin.

To submit a proposal, complete the form below.

Selected applicants will be invited to an informal audition. All performers must work with our directors before participating in a show. Based on our line-up, and submissions we receive, we may invite you to perform months after we've accepted your proposal.

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